Are You Show-ing UP today or naw?

Hey Sis are you showing up today or naw? Let me know because we all have been waiting on you. It's time out for any excuses or prolonged procrastination. We are tired of that. We need you and if you decide not to do what you are supposed to it can greatly hinder us and we know that isn't something you would want; because you're better than that. 

You're better than being late.

You're better than not having a daily schedule that you stick too.

You're better than saying one thing and then doing another.

So, are you coming or not? I already told everyone about you. How gorgeous and talented you are and all that you will bring to the table.

Everyone is excited to meet you NOW so Please make the right decision today.

Please choose wisely. Its the beginning of the week and you have the choice to make this week or break it. Today can be the beginning of a victorious week or a defeated one. The choice is yours.

Whoever lied and told you that it was too late to come was doing just that, LYING!

Listen You are more than capable and your steps have already been ordered. NO need to feel nervous or be anxious those are just extensions of fear.

You just need to SHOW UP. TODAY. In that order. Show up to confirm to yourself that what you thought you needed you already possess. See you sson!

Love ya lots!

Nina Marie B.